The Abraham Mehrez Prize

The Abraham Mehrez Prize for Excellent Work of a Graduate Student in Operations Research


Past Award Recipients

2020 –Antonio Castellanos, Galit B. Yom-Tov, Yair Goldberg“The Humanitarian Pickup and Distribution Problem”

2019 – Ohad Eisenhandler, Michal Tzur“The Humanitarian Pickup and Distribution Problem”

2018 – Nitzan Carmeli, Galit B. Yom-Tov, Onno J. Boxma, “State-Dependent Estimation of Delay Distributions In Fork-Join Networks”

2017 – Binyamin Oz, “Strategic behavior in queues”, (The thesis was carried out under the supervision of Prof. Moshe Haviv)

2016 – Ran I. Snitkovsky, Refael Hassin, “Strategic Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks”

2015 – Liron Ravner, “Equilibrium Arrival Times to a Queue with Order Penalties“.

2014 – Nir Perel, (under the supervision of Prof. Uri Yechiali), “The Israeli Queue, And Polling Systems With Preparation Times”.

2013 – Ricky Roet-Green, Refael Hassin, “Equilibrium In A Two Dimensional Queueing Game: When Inspecting The Queue Is Costly”.

2012 – Assaf Avrahami, Yale T. Herer, Retsef Levi, “The Value of Information in a Retailer-Based Distribution Network”.

2011 – Lyubov Romanchuk , Raymond Hemmecke, Shmuel Onn, (under the supervision of Dr. Guy Even and Prof. Shmuel Onn), “N-fold Integer Programming in Cubic Time“.

2010 – Dan Yamin, (under the supervision of Prof. Arie Gavious), “Self Interest vs. Group Interest in Influenza Virus Vaccination Policy”.

2010 – Alexander Zadorojniy, (under the supervision of Dr. Guy Even and Prof. Adam Shwartz), “A Strongly Polynomial Algorithm for Controlled Queues”.

2009 – Shimrit Maman, (under the supervision of Prof. Avishaishai Mandelbaum and Dr. Sergey Zeltin), “Uncertainty in the Demand for Service:The Case of Call Centers and Emergency Departments”.

2009 – Michal Moatti, (under the supervision of Prof. Prof. Israel David), “A Stylistic New Model for the Problem of Organ Allocation on the Waiting List”.

2008 – Yael Berstein, (under the supervision of Shmuel Onn), “Nonlinear bipartite matching“.

2008 – Yoni Nazarathy, (under the supervision of Prof. Gideon Weiss), “The Asymptotic Variance Rate of the Output Process of Finite Capacity Birth-Death Queues”.